ISOFLEX-R isolator

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The new generation ISOFLEX-R completely modular, highly ergonomic isolator from Getinge La Calhène speeds up your process times and incorporates safety features for risk-free sterile handling work.





Getinge La Calhene has developed a new generation of highly modular isolators to increase efficiency and speed of production, delivering improved ergonomics, traceability, safety features and optimal maintenance access. In conformity with Getinge’s entire range of leaktight isolators, the Isoflex-R provides security with validated sterility of the working area and cross-protection of production/operator/environment.


The Isoflex-R can be used for many applications in the pharmaceutical industry, from sterility testing, aseptic filling, sampling, R&D etc. The lift-up front window for easy loading is fitted with security locks and anti-bacterial seals to eliminate risk.


Available in 3-glove and 4-glove versions, Uni-Directional Airflow or Turbulent Airflow, this isolator comes with a wide range of options including double filtration, integrated glove leak tester, Yokogawa recorder and camera for complete traceability. The Isoturn quick transfer hatch with space-saving rotational door enables continuous workflow. Bio-decontamination is provided by the integrated Steritrace H202 sterilizer while an innovative system supplying Nitrogen Dioxide on demand is available in option for even faster process times.


The space-saving equipment can be positioned against a wall and is easily disassembled for moving to another location. Servicing and maintenance zones are accessible from the front and side of the isolator. A height-adjustable HMI is standard.


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