Live Report From ACHEMA

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With ACHEMA entering its penultimate day and many visitors preparing to return home after a busy stay in Frankfurt, PTE editor Jo Watts gives her closing thoughts on the show.

Day Three at ACHEMA and I've seen even more innovations. here are some of the highlights.

Medelpharm have a tablet compressor that can make 900 single or 300 triple layer tablets in an hour. It does the entire process. It can make tablets of up to five layers and three different types of powder are possible. A touch of a button allows for the weighing of each layer independently. Each step is monitored for analysis, force, displacement and ejection. It is also remarkably easy to dismantle and reassemble.

Sartorius have a massive array of products at the event. Their Picus pipette won a red-dot award in 2012. It is durable yet light and it claims to protect from RSI. Their Biostat D-DCU is a compact sterilisation in-place bioreactor. It comes in a variety of sizes, from 10L to 200L. Its modular design enables easy configuration to meet individual customer needs.


Sartorius also announced that they have teamed up with BOSCH. Their preVAS system is a complete, pre-validated single-use filling system. It is pre-Validated, pre-Assembled and pre-Sterilised. It is flexible, safe, and quick. What's more it uses the BOSCH peristaltic pump, there is a trolley version, and hybrid versions are available.