Meet the Modern Lab. A Digital Journey with Scitara’s Scientific Integration Platform™.

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Thursday December 9th, 2021 at 11am EST | 10am CST | 8am PST Meet the Modern Lab. Scitara’s Chief Technology Officer Geoff Gerhardt,PhD, and Head of Product Management Dave Levy, discuss how the Scientific Integration Platform, and its foundational technology, Digital Lab Exchange, overcome the pharma industry’s most long-standing obstacles. With end-to-end connectivity, automation, and ability to manage an increasing volume of complex data, Dave and Geoff offer insight into how Scitara is delivering an exciting foundation for digital transformation. Scitara is developing the mechanisms that will make it relatively straightforward to harness the full value of data, and that means finding, analyzing, extracting and, if necessary, transforming data into a format required by the platforms to which it is transferred. Complete connectivity and retention of context flow will mean labs can push and retrieve contextualized insight into, and out of, data lakes, which can then be better mined and interrogated.

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Event Overview:

The most critical challenges faced by today’s scientific laboratory are largely due to the inability to automate complete workflows as a result of disconnected systems coupled with the rapid increase in the volume and complexity of data generated from high throughput technologies. This webcast takes a deep dive into the shift towards next-generation digital transformation which is now underway, creating a more flexible ecosystem that accelerates the delivery, accessibility and sharing of scientific data across the enterprise to power the modern lab.

Scitara’s Scientific Integration Platform™ SIP™ unifies the lab and sets out an efficient framework for digital transformation and the benefits of a Pharma 4.0 guided operation. SIP’s flagship technology, Digital Lab Exchange DLX™, facilitates universal data exchange and transfer throughout the lab with a flexible ecosystem that accelerates the delivery, accessibility and sharing of scientific data across the enterprise.

  • Scientific Integration Platform is a foundational framework for next-generation pharma technology delivering greater first-time accuracy, end-to-end integration, and better accessibility of increasingly larger volumes of scientific data.
  • Digital Lab Exchange establishes a new environment of “no instrument or application left behind,” to fully digitalize the lab and establish a new framework of any-to-any connectivity.
  • The ability to add a layer of automation is essential to a modern lab. DLX creates an orchestration layer that allows for seamless and accurate automation.

Scitara’s technology drives scientific data mobility by:

  • Automating the exchange of scientific data across multiple endpoints in your scientific network
  • Creating a flexible ecosystem where integrations and automations for your lab instruments, applications and other resources may be configured and delivered on-demand as business needs change
  • Accelerating the delivery, accessibility and sharing of scientific data across the enterprise

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how the increase in the volume and complexity of laboratory data can be effectively managed with Scitara DLX’s universal approach to data exchange
  2. Overcome long-standing obstacles in the lab to establish end-to-end connectivity of all instruments, applications, and web services
  3. Understand how laboratory automation can connect multiple endpoints, even legacy devices, to increase accuracy, reduce errors and establish faster rollout times
  4. Achieve end-to-end digital data compliance using DLX to provide the critical infrastructure needed to support data integrity, including data in flight, across your end-to-end laboratory ecosystem at the lab, site and global level

Who Should Attend:

  • CEOs, CTOs and other pharma executives
  • Laboratory administrators and technical staff
  • Personnel from pharma companies, contract manufacturing organizations and contract research organizations


Geoff Gerhardt, PhD
Chief Technology Officer

Over 25 years leading R&D teams producing innovative technologies and products: Waters Corp., J&W Scientific Technologies and Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Dave Levy
Director of Product

Over 30 years Product Management and Global Account Experience: Waters Corp., NuGenesis Technologies, CambridgeSoft Inc. and PerkinElmer Inc.

itional degree in Business Administration.

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