Nanoform and Aprecia Explore 3D-Printed Drug Dosage Forms

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The collaboration will evaluate Nanoform’s fast dissolution nanoparticles in Aprecia’s ZipDose 3DP technology platform for buccal and oral drug delivery.

Nanoform Finland and Aprecia announced in an April 21, 2021 press release that they are investigating potential synergies between their technologies, with the goal of providing new capabilities for patient-centric therapies in oral and buccal drug-delivery. The companies are combining Nanoform’s fast dissolution, nanoformed particles with Aprecia’s ZipDose three-dimensional printing (3DP) technology platform, which allows rapid disintegration. These features can enable rapid absorption, as well as lower dosage products, less excipient content, and reduced pill burden.

“This is [an] opportunity to demonstrate the power of small for rapid drug absorption, potentially bypassing the first-pass metabolism via a novel dosage form, such as buccal delivery, with Aprecia’s 3DP technology platforms,” said Edward Hæggström, CEO of Nanoform, in the press release.

“Aprecia’s proprietary 3DP technology platforms are focused on providing solutions to our partner’s toughest formulation challenges that can’t be achieved through conventional manufacturing technologies,” added Chris Gilmore, CEO of Aprecia, in the press release.


Source: Nanoform