Optel Vision Launches New Technology at INTERPHEX

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Optel Vision premieres its newest robot, the CountSafe with Automatic Ejection for Electronic Counters, at INTERPHEX 2015.

Optel Vision announced that it would demonstrate its two-axis linear robot, the Automatic Ejection for Electronic Counters, which can be adapted and integrated to any electronic counter. In combination with the CountSafe inspection system, the ejector rejects any defect, including the wrong shape, color, or size; a broken product; or rogue. A vacuum system, which is attached to a closed bin that is equipped with a pre-separator collector and HEPA filter, takes care of the rejected products.

The tool-less device features a four-vibratory feeding tray system that is 28 inches in width. When a defective product is detected, it takes less than five seconds for the ejector to stop the inspection, remove the product, confirm the ejection, and restart the inspection.

Source: Optel Vision