OptiDose Design Solution

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Catalent’s OptiDose Design Solution integrates pharmaceutics, critical CMC and DMPK parameters, and dose form design target patient characteristics to create differentiated treatments that are successful for innovators, patients and healthcare professionals.

The methodology uses a design approach that combines data-driven scientific tools with Catalent’s extensive development expertise. Patient needs and market realities are considered upfront in the process, to guide development decisions and ensure a product with the optimal combination of patient acceptance and adherence, as well as differentiation from existing standards of care.

By taking an agnostic evaluation of a molecule against potential dose form technologies, products can be designed using Catalent’s portfolio of advanced softgel solutions, including OptiShell capsules that can improve bioavailability for poorly water-soluble and poorly permeable compounds, and offer modified or extended release profiles.

Catalent’s industry-leading broad technology toolkit also includes Zydis orally dissolving tablets, and FlexDoseSM stick pack solutions to optimise a molecule’s potential.

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