Perforated Coating Pan

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, September 2021 Issue, Volume 45, Issue 9

The TP R Optima features a flexible arm design and individually controlled air exhaust flaps.

Romaco Tecpharm’s TP R Optima is a perforated coating pan for tablet spray application. It is designed to work on batch sizes from 10 to 100%.

The extendable spray arm has movable spray nozzles and a three-point extension system which grant it a large operating radius, allowing it to maintain ideal spray distance independent of batch size. Sonar measuring equipment automatically controls and monitors spray application.

The product’s automatic air exhaust straps are mounted at various heights and can be opened continuously, allowing for a high degree of precision and absolute regulation. This reduces processing time and decreases coating liquid consumption by up to 60%.

Romaco Tecpharm