Product Spotlight: Manufacturing and Equipment

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-06-02-2013, Volume 37, Issue 6

Editor's picks of pharmaceutical science and technology innovations in manufacturing and equipment.

Compact laboratory device in modular design

The Solidlab 1 and 2 laboratory plants are joint developments of process technology specialists Hüttlin and Manesty—subsidiaries of Bosch Packaging Technology. Solidlab combines three process modules in one single machine: powder mixing, granulating, and coating of pharmaceutical pellets and tablets. The concept of the laboratory machines is based on the effective use of peripheral equipment, control systems, and data acquisition in combination with the intelligent integration of high quality process modules. The single modules are structured as they are in complete production plants. Solidlab 1 handles batches from 0.05 to 2 kg. Based on the same construction principle, Solidlab 2 processes volumes from 0.5 to 12 kg.

Bosch Packaging Technology

Mixers designed for blending liquids at a range of sizes

Sharpe Portable Sanitary Mixers feature the M5 Quick-Lock mounting system that has two ergonomic hand-wheels and interlocking wedge components with enhanced locking force for installation and repositioning without tools. For users who want added leverage, the mount has a hex base that accepts an open-end wrench. All stainless-steel mixers are built with off-the-shelf motor, shaft, and impeller options to match customer requirements. Suitable for blending liquids from 50 to 5000 gal. at viscosities from 1 to 50,000 cps. Sharpe Portable Sanitary Mixers are USDA-approved and can adapt to a variety of applications. Available with 3/4", 1", and 1-1/4" diameter shafts up to 8 ft. long, they can be equipped with 4" to 16" diameter hydrofoil impellers and fractional to 2-HP pneumatic or electric motors.

Sharpe Mixers

Mixer offers high-shear functionality in tight spaces

The Silverson Ultramix is designed for shear-sensitive applications that require mixing capabilities beyond the scope of conventional agitators. Because of the small diameter of its single-piece dynamic workhead, the Ultramix can provide high-shear mixing, even in vessels with narrow openings. The machine can process volumes from laboratory scale up to 1800 gal., depending on viscosity, with larger units available upon request. The mid-range mixer is also suitable for bulk powder dispersion, deagglomeration, gelation, reaction acceleration, suspension, and processing high-viscosity mixes. The Ultramix is equally suited to rigorous chemical service and demanding sanitary standards—the unit complies with 3A, USDA, and cGMP requirements and is designed for clean-in-place operation with sterilize-in-place as an option.

Silverson Machines

Tablet-coating solution delivery system for enhanced coating applications

Fluid Air's Tablet Coating System can be custom designed and optimized for flexibility and a variety of tablet-coating requirements. The system consists of a modular air atomizing manifold, liquid-delivery skid, and Batch Architect process controls. The removable spray bar provides cleaning advantages and features anti-bearding nozzles, internal recirculating guns, a shut-off valve that keeps liquid moving, reducing product build-up, and a mounting design that prevents tablet entrapment. The liquid delivery skid can perform manually and automatic operation with closed-loop solution/liquid delivery metering using loss-in-weight, mass flow sensing, and totalizing, which is designed to save time in trial and error efforts.

Fluid Air