Reactor Systems and Pilot Plants for Chemical Synthesis and API Manufacturing

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Buchiglas is a leading manufacturer of reactor systems and pilot plants for chemical synthesis and API manufacturing – from lab, through pilot to production scale:


Our company offers two distinct product lines:



- Reactors systems made of glass and glass-lined steel from 5 liters up to 10’000 liters volume
- Pressure reactors from lab scale to production scale with volumes less than 100 ml up to 500 liters and a pressure range from 6 bar up to 500 bar and more


Our focus lies with engineered solutions customized according to your lab, pilot or cGMP production requirements. Our reactor systems and pilot plants are suitable for the most demanding corrosion and pressure environments due to our proprietary designs and the use of high performance materials. Equipment for synthesis, extraction, crystallization, evaporation, filtration and off-gas treatment


Büchi AG - Pilot Plant & Reactor Systems