Safe Packaging for Healthy Products

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Pharma bottles are an integrated part of the final medicine. That’s why Stoelzle cares that much about quality and reliability when manufacturing safe packaging for healthy products in soda lime Type III quality.

Stoelzle Glass Group is made up of six European production sites which, based on their strategic focus, manufacture high-end glass packaging for the pharma, prestige spirits, perfumery and cosmetics, and consumer markets.


The Pharma Business Unit provides a broad range of standard as well as customized items in flint, amber, and green Type III glass. Standards include dropper bottles, medicine and syrup bottles, injection vials, infusion bottles, as well as tablet jars and wide mouth packers. Volumes range from 3.5ml up to 1000 ml bottles.


For non-prescriptive drugs, which occur to focus more on design, glass colour, and diversification, Stoelzle offers a variety of cost convenient in-house decoration processes in order to increase the appeal of your product.
As a one-stop-shop Stoelzle provides the most suitable closures – including certified child-resistant ones - for every product.


All manufacturing sites adhere to ISO 9001 as the basic Quality Management system, whereas the Austrian and Czech Republic sites comply with ISO-GMP 15378, as well. Further quality controls based on EU-, Japan-, or US-Pharmacopeia can be done upon request. Laminar flow technique guarantees production in clean condition ISO 8 at rest (Class 100 000), so that all items are ready to be used without any further cleansing.


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