Secondary Packaging for Injectables

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Packaging systems for injectable pharmaceutical products from Keystone Folding Box include paperboard and plastic-hybrid designs.

Keystone Folding Box Co., a designer and cGMP manufacturer of paperboard packaging solutions, has introduced a line of secondary packaging systems for injectable pharmaceutical products. The products are available in custom all-paperboard and plastic-hybrid designs for prefilled syringes, auto-injector pens, vials, and ampoules, as well as combinations of these.

The systems are suitable for automated or manual production for clinical trials or full-scale commercial production. Packaging materials are compatible with low-temperature exposure, making them appropriate for typical temperatures associated with the cold-chain distribution of injectable products.

The collection includes the Vial Pack line of cartons for packaging single or multiple vials or ampoules; Injectable Packs suitable for prefilled syringes or auto-injector pens, which can be designed to include ancillary items such as sterile wipes; and the InjectaSlide package, which includes a thermoformed tray that slides inside a carton and into a locked position. The locking function is enabled by a lock-release button that must be pressed to unlock and slide the tray forward for access to each dose. Additional features include child-resistant functions for several of the products and dosage-scheduling functions for in-home use of multi-dose packs, which can remind patients to administer the correct dose at the proper date and time.

Source: Keystone Folding Box Co.