Shimadzu's Nexera Prep – Preparative and Purification LC

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The Nexera Prep preparative and purification LC improves productivity via efficient preparative work using application-specific LC (-MS) solutions. It provides better prep processes for discovery and purification of functional components.

Better Prep!

The new Nexera Prep - preparative and purification LC system is a cutting-edge tool for efficient preparative work. It improves productivity tremendously while providing better prep processes for drug discovery and purification of functional components. The Nexera Prep enables customer- and application-specific solutions supported by a wide choice of equipment, accessories and process automation. Depending on the units applied, Nexera Prep covers LC and LC-MS solutions serving users’ demands, such as multi-sample and multi-fraction analysis, effective separation at low cost, purity confirmation of collected fractions and automated desalting, concentration, purification and recovery. With ease-of-operation in a flexible set-up, the combination of new hardware and software features increases productivity dramatically through time- and labor-saving benefits, while at the same time reducing solvent and sample consumption.

Nexera Prep minimizes the time required for investigating preparative work conditions, enables seamless processes such as purity checks through re-injection of collected sample, offers a sample rescue protocol in case an error occurs after an injection and automates high-purity preparative purification. Nexera Prep also contributes to laboratory efficiency through space saving design and a small installation footprint, which is only about half the size of competing products in the same class.

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