Shimadzu's Novel Semi-preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography System

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Shimadzu’s Nexera UC Prep semi-preparative SFC system reduces labor and improves efficiency, while fitting into pre-existing workflows. Flexible configurations ensure optimum performance for a variety of purification tasks.

Designed in collaboration with the Enabling Technologies Consortium (ETC), the award-winning Nexera UC Prep SFC is a next-generation solution to the demand for efficient and robust semi-prep SFC purification in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Its flexible system configuration in a compact design allows users to overhaul their workflow, reduce inefficiencies and meet a wide range of purification requirements.

With unparalleled performance and flexibility, the Nexera UC Prep resolves several known issues of preparative work and improves efficiency, while fitting into pre-existing workflows. It provides flexible system configurations in a compact design, requiring low installation space and allowing to maximize lab resources.

SFC is a green technology that reduces the need for costly and hazardous solvents, while shortening purification and dry down time, and the novel gas-liquid separator technology, “LotusStream”, ensures higher recovery and lower carryover than earlier cyclone-style or centrifugal type gas-liquid separating systems.

The newly developed, easy-to-use preparative software, “Prep Solution”, streamlines operations. It simplifies configuration of parameter settings and greatly increases the efficiency of the preparative workflow.


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