Sieve Shakers Ensure Reliability

July 2, 2014
Melanie Sena

Melanie Sena is community editor of Pharmaceutical Technology.

Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-07-02-2014, Volume 38, Issue 7

Sieve Shakers Ensure Reliability

FRITSCH offers a range of sieve shakers for dry, wet, and micro-precision sieving. The three different sieves can be used for measuring the quantitative particle size distribution of solids and suspensions. For high performance sieving, the ANALYSETTE 3 Pro has an electromagnetic drive that oscillates sieve stacks into regulated vertical oscillations and can be used in sample quantities up to 2 kg and a measurement range from 5 μm to 63 mm. For typical sieving tasks, the ANALYSETTE 3 Spartan includes the FRITSCH sieve stack tensioning system EASYTWIST and the FRITSCH evaluation software AUTOSIEVE for evaluation of the sieve analysis. For sieving large quantites, FRITSCH offers the ANALYSETTE 18, which can sieve up to 15 kg of material between 20 μm and 125 mm. The three-dimensional sieving motion ensures fast sieving results without manual re-sieving.