Tank Cleaners Can be Retrofitted With Rotary Jet Heads

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Alfa Laval rotary jet heads can be installed in small tank openings to replace static spray ball or rotary spray heads.

Alfa Laval added three rotary jet heads, the GJ A2, GJ A6, and GJ PF FT, to its line of tank cleaning heads. The small GJ jet heads can be installed as a retrofit in small tank openings (3 or 4 in.), in which static spray ball and rotary spray heads are normally mounted.

The rotary jet head uses a cleaning pattern that ensures effective distribution of water to the inner tank surfaces. The mechanical force generated by the jet impingement efficiently removes remaining products and residues. Rotary jet heads clean tanks 70% faster than static spray ball technology, according to Alfa Laval. The jet head uses less water and chemicals, and thus reduces operating costs.

Source: Alfa Laval