TFF Pharmaceuticals Expands R&D Operations with New Facility

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TFF Pharmaceuticals is expanding its R&D operations with a new facility in Austin, Texas.

TFF Pharmaceuticals announced on July 14, 2022 that it is significantly expanding its R&D operations through the lease of a new research and development facility located in Austin, Texas.

The 3,500-ft2 facility will increase TFF’s total lab space, adding a dedicated lab for downstream processing of products created via its Thin Film Freezing technology. The facility will also allow for more space to accommodate larger equipment to facilitate scale-up and manufacturing as well as product supplies for preclinical studies.

The company also plans to expand the product development team in Austin, which will be based at the new facility to support the company’s growing number of partnered projects. The facility will be supervised by Donald Owens, PhD, director of product development at TFF and supported by John Koleng, PhD, vice-president of product development and manufacturing.


“The opening of our new Austin R&D facility represents an important evolution of TFF’s operations, reflecting growing demand for our Thin Film Freezing technology and product development services,” Koleng said in a company press release. “The Austin facility will enable us to increase testing capacity so that we can run a larger number of feasibility studies, including a focus on biologics where demand has continued to grow. Additionally, as many of our partnered programs move to clinical evaluation, the ability to scale-up manufacturing in parallel becomes mission critical. We expect the new Austin facility will allow us to meet the current growing demand for Thin Film Freezing-based products.”

Source: TFF Pharmaceuticals