The Art of Changing QC Testing Processes to Build Effective Data Integrity Compliance

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***Now Available!*** Thinking about changing QC testing methods? Join Charles River’s Alan Hoffmeister for The Art of Changing QC Testing Processes to learn why saying yes to change can benefit you in the long run. *** On demand until March 30, 2022.***

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Event Overview:

The thought of changing anything within your quality control (QC) testing process and methods can be daunting. Will revalidation be required? What do the regulations say? Will new standard operating procedures (SOPs) be needed? What new training is required? While the list of questions seems never–ending, staying with the status quo can bring challenges of a different sort, such as data integrity compliance, which can be equally daunting. This webcast will look to answer these questions and provide insight to how to go about changing QC test methods and how changing methods can help you achieve effective data integrity compliance.

Key Learning Objectives:

What considerations need to be addressed before making a change to QC test methods?

When revalidation, new SOPs and training are required for changing QC test methods.

What impact will changes to my QC test methods have on data integrity compliance?

How can the most effective data integrity compliance be achieved with QC test methods?


Sponsor: Charles River

Speaker: Alan Hoffmeister, Senior Product Specialist, Charles River Laboratories

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