The Fine Art of Method Development

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The perfect complement for the Nexera Method Scouting System: LabSolutions MD, the first software to integrate all phases of HPLC method development following an Analytical Quality by Design approach.

An automated solution for Analytical HPLC Method Development following AQbD principles

The LabSolutions MD support software for analytical HPLC method development and optimization follows the “Quality-by-Design” principle using Design of Experiments (DoE). In combination with the Nexera UHPLC Method Scouting System, it offers a graphical user interface to simplify the system setup, as well as automated batch creation, to provide reliable data while minimizing the risk of human error. It enables screening of various combinations of different mobile phases and separation columns to rapidly identify a suitable combination visually and quantitatively according to specified parameters, such as number of separated peaks and resolution. With the selected combination, LabSolutions MD can then create a multifactorial experimental design, where using only limited input data, the software is able to determine optimum separation conditions within the design space. Accurate retention modelling allows an estimation of method robustness in minimal time.

LabSolutions MD, in combination with the Shimadzu LabSolutions chromatography data system (CDS), provides data management, statistical evaluation and intuitive reporting, all in a LabSolutions database, ensuring data integrity.

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