The Nexera UC combines possible UHPLC and SFC separation in a single system

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The Nexera UC combines possible UHPLC and SFC separation in a single system. Depending on the focused application, it can offer “green” separation but also more speed and separation power.

Supercritical fluid chromatography has received increased attention in recent years: in addition to the expanded and improved technical implementation, this is due to the interest in a faster and more environmentally friendly (greener) separation technique. The Nexera UC (Unified Chromatography) as a UHPLC/SFC switching system combines both techniques and their advantages without having to make compromises.

The setup provides the ability to use UHPLC and SFC analysis modes in a single system. It is configured by adding a supercritical carbon dioxide delivery unit and a back pressure regulator unit to a standard UHPLC system. Both the UHPLC and the SFC analysis mode can be used by changing between the delivery units (control mode ON or OFF) and switching the pressure of the back pressure regulator. Sharing the solvent delivery unit (for pumping organic solvents), autosampler, column oven and detector for both SFC and UHPLC analysis minimizes space requirements and equipment cost and reduces equipment downtime. By using the mobile phase solvent switching valve in combination with the column switching valve, mobile phase conditions can be changed automatically and continuously for up to twelve columns to enable a wide variety of conditions, improving method development efficiency.

Dr. Björn Thoralf Erxleben

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