TOX and CTM Manufacturing at Eurofins BPT

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In the drug development process, drugs undergo a rigorous journey from target identification to new chemical entity identification, involving the screening of tens of thousands to potentially hundreds of thousands of compounds. Preclinical pharmacology and toxicology play crucial roles in translating laboratory findings to clinical applications. Toxicology studies, conducted in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices , assess the impact of pharmaceuticals on biological tissues and living animals, mimicking anticipated human exposure routes. Eurofins BPT, based in Jacksonville, FL, supports both toxicology and clinical trial material (CTM) requirements by preparing scaled-down batches using formulations and processes akin to finished products. In San Diego, CA, Eurofins BPT employs a state-of-the-art fill-finish facility with a gloveless, robotic isolator for sterile CTM filling, ensuring optimal sterility through real-time data monitoring and minimizing contamination risks.