Using Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Twin Strategy

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Monday, August 23, 2021 at 2pm EDT | 1pm CDT | 11am PDT What do Plato, Roombas, and digital twins for pharma manufacturing have in common? Learn how digital twins, powered by artificial intellingence, can reproduce conditions happening in physical assets to identify and optimize manufacturing process variables, predict outcomes, and empower to bio/pharma companies take action.

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Event Overview:

Traditionally, biotech processes have been investigated by checking key parameters individually, which inhibits efficiency and reduces the real view of how the system interacts. The reality, though, is that bioprocessing is complex and the interactions between factors are continuous and unpredictable. To truly understand and predict biosystems, manufacturers need to employ multivariate analysis using artificial intelligence (AI). In this webinar, Aizon experts discuss how digital twins, powered by AI, can reproduce conditions happening in physical assets to identify and optimize manufacturing process variables, predict outcomes, and empower bio/pharma companies to act.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the value in creating digital twins optimized for the holistic process in pharma and biotech manufacturing
  • Understand the fundamental elements to know when creating a digital twin for predictive insights
  • Ensure efforts on developing digital twins are future-proofed for challenges like CPV and continuous manufacturing

Who Should Attend:

  • Digital transformation officers
  • Leaders of Pharma 4.0 Initiatives
  • bioprocessing line business leads
  • Quality assurance managers
  • Production managers
  • Process experts
  • Technical transfer leads
  • CIO, chief data officers


Toni Manzano
Chief Science Officer

Toni Manzano is a co-founder and CSO of Aizon, a software as a service company that is transforming manufacturing operations with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and industrial internet of things technologies for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. For over two decades, Manzano has led software projects for international pharmaceutical companies, covering the entire production process and supply chain.

Today, Manzano is part of the scientific committee with PDA Europe and with the AI Xavier Manufacturing team. He worked as a researcher at the University of Barcelona as a physicist and teaches big data and artificial intelligence in postgraduate courses at UAB. He is also a member of the Science Experts in the Spanish Parliament on big data and artificial intelligence. Manzano has written numerous articles and holds a dozen international patents related to the encryption, transmission, storage, and processing of large volumes of data for regulated environments in the cloud.

Luiza Mukaeda
Solution Engineer and Industry Expert

Luiza Mukaeda is an engineer with a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) who is excited about the powerful innovative approaches to achieve agile problem solving, especially in the manufacturing environment. Luiza has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering by the University of São Paulo, and an MBA by the Herriot-Watt University, in Scotland.

After kicking off her career in the oil and gas industry, Luiza has discovered her passion to contribute to the mission of delivering life-saving products as part of the pharmaceutical industry. She spent several years in the industry and collaborated on positions like process engineering, project manager, and engineering manager.

In 2020, Luiza joined Aizon to continue driving her passion from a different perspective. She is here to empower the company’s vision on supporting customers to find the best opportunities towards business value, so their mission is secured.

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