VAI's SMA MicroPortable ICS Air Sampler

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The new SMA MicroPortable ICS has been designed for superior precision and control of portable air sampling with an intuitive touchscreen, automatic configurations, three flow rates, and remote accessibility.

VAI’s new SMA MicroPortable ICS Air Sampler has been designed to provide superior precision and control of portable air sampling within the cleanroom and in critical environments. Compatible with traditional SMA Atriums and D50 SMA Atriums, operators are provided with the ability to automate flow control and automatically configure sample intervals with ease. For cleanroom compatibility, the unit has been designed with a 316L Stainless Steel housing that is lightweight, with an integrated intuitive touchscreen for use with gloved hands. In addition, the unit is flexible with 3 flow rates available, 1, 2 and 5 CFM.

The SMA MicroPortable ICS is a networked device that may be remotely accessed by operators and administrators. The device can export event history to a removable USB flash drive that includes sampling and calibration events. Furthermore, the unit is equipped with a strict regulation of air flow and will alarm the operator if the air flow deviates beyond the acceptable range. The system also monitors and indicates a variety of operational parameters including the sample’s volume and elapsed time. The unit is battery powered with 8 hours of life on a full charge.