Vectura – Helping You Succeed with Inhaled Product Development

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Vectura helps customers bring inhaled medicines to market with a combination of formulation science, device technology, and inhaled product development expertise.

Vectura provides formulation, device, and development services to help customers bring inhaled medicines to market.

With expertise in powder and liquid formulations, as well as a portfolio of proprietary device and formulation technologies, Vectura can support programs for small molecules, biologics, or complex combinations.

Customers can access the delivery technology best suited to the needs of their development program, including unit-dose and multi-unit dose DPIs, pMDIs, and smart nebulisers, suitable for home or hospital applications.

With extensive analytical testing facilities, Vectura can undertake the comprehensive array of test methodologies and physical properties characterisation required for inhaled products, in addition to stability studies and device verification testing.

Vectura also offers seamless scale-up from laboratory to pilot to commercially-representative scale as well as GMP drug product and device manufacturing for clinical trials.

With more than 20 years’ experience, the company’s track record of success offers customers confidence in Vectura as a trusted development partner for their inhaled product candidate. Being able to provide customers with a single partner from early development to late-phase clinical trials and beyond offers benefits in terms of continuity, shortened timelines, and reduced costs.