Virtual Reality Training Improves Operator Safety

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Emerson’s Mimic Field 3D program offers an immersive simulation using a digital twin as an alternative to training on physical equipment.

Emerson's Mimic Field 3D is a virtual reality (VR) training program aimed at helping new and incoming workers understand how changes in the field impact industrial plant processes.

As an alternative to training on physical equipment, the new program gives personnel simulated, hands-on experience to prepare for potential operating changes and hazardous plant areas. The VR program allows employees to learn at a faster pace through immersive experiences that enhance safety and overall operational performance.

“Emerson’s digital twin portfolio is changing how we prepare the future workforce. Our industry will become increasingly reliant on VR tools like these to address the growing skills gap and improve training effectiveness,” said Jim Nyquist, group president of systems and solutions at Emerson, in the press release. “This advanced technology enhances training by offering a hands-on experience, which ultimately improves the safety of workers.”

Source: Emerson