Watson-Marlow Flexicon's FPC50 aseptic filling system

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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe PTE

The Watson-Marlow Flexicon FPC50 aseptic filling system with integrated plugging, crimp capping and check weighing of vials, delivers fill volumes from 0.1 mL to 100 mL with filling accuracy of ± 0.5%, and is ideal for small batch filling operations.

Fast filling with accuracy of ± 0.5%

Extending validation periods and reducing costs in aseptic and sterile processes is an important aspect of product development at filling and dispensing specialist Watson-Marlow Flexicon.

The company’s FPC50 automated vial filling, plugging and capping system offers a number of advantages that include: no cleaning validation; easy product changeover; no cross contamination; and high accuracy peristaltic filling better than ±0.5% for filling volumes ranging from 0.1ml to 100ml, ensuring substantial annual savings. The unit can fill up to 25 vials per minute and is designed purposely to integrate into an LAF cabinet or an isolator.


The filling system is now available with new DAFPA single-use filling accessories comprising, peristaltic pump tube, filling nozzle and fluid bag if required. All are radiation sterilized, supplied double bagged and Gamma irradiated, ready for use.

Clinical/sterile environments are a common application for the peristaltic technology offered by Watson-Marlow Flexicon. The peristaltic filling system on the FPC50 not only avoids the problems of cross-contamination, it eliminates the costs and difficulties of having product and volume-dedicated volumetric filling pumps in stock. With the entire fluid path designed for single use, all historical documentation related to volumetric pumps is unnecessary, making cleaning validation extremely simple.