WeylChem Inaugurates New Multi-Purpose Plant in Lamotte, France

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WeylChem has put a new multi-purpose custom manufacturing plant at its French site in Lamotte into operation.

The WeylChem Group of Companies announced on April 6, 2022 that its new multi-purpose custom manufacturing plant has been put into operation. The plant is located at the company’s French site in Lamotte in the Hauts-de-France region. The company invested approximately €7 million (approximately US$7.5 million) into enhancing the site’s flexibility and capacity in synthesizing modern, complex, and corrosive molecules.

The project includes a high level of automation, including the use of robotic elements to allow for greater efficiency. The existing production line went through a comprehensive overhaul, adding an acid-proof Hastelloy filter dryer, a thin-film evaporator, and a stainless steel reactor. The result of these additions allows for temperatures of up to 200 °C and a service pressure of up to 8 bars to be reached.

“Further upgrading our custom manufacturing capacity and capabilities enables us to serve our customers even better—particularly those in the pharmaceutical industry—by providing efficient, digitally-driven high-quality processes within a demanding business environment,” said Alix Deschamps, managing director of WeylChem Lamotte, in a press release.


“This large investment forms part of a global initiative to enhance our multi-purpose set-up that also includes the new Halex and ring chlorination plants in Germany,” added Uwe Brunk, president of the WeylChem Group of Companies. “I’m extremely happy with how smoothly the project has been managed, despite the challenges posed by the Covid situation. This new asset strengthens our position as a versatile, high-quality partner with reliable European supply chains.”
Source: WeylChem