Wraparound Vial Labeling Machine

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, November 2021 Issue, Volume 45, Issue 11
Pages: 12

WL-1-RT Wraparound Vial Labeling Machine can label up to 600 vials per minute.

The WL-1-RT Wraparound Vial Labeling Machine, supplied by MG America via machinery manufacturer Packaging Efficiency Solutions, is capable of applying precisely placed labels on up to 600 vials per minute. This ability is important for high-speed glass vial lines, such as those producing COVID-19 vaccines.

The WL-1-RT features positive vial control via a trunnion transportation system. The unit can accommodate both thermal transfer and laser coding printing operations, and it is preconfigured for the integration of an optical character recognition and optical character verification vision inspection system. Non-conforming labels are rejected prior to application, and infeed/outfeed by-flow tables provide optimal buffering.

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