A Big Impact: Trends Shaping Small-Molecule APIs, Excipients, and Formulations

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Webinar Date/Time: Thursday, September 21, 2023 at 11am ET | 10am CT | 8am PT | 4 pm BST

Learn about the biggest trends impacting small-molecule APIs, excipients, and formulations, key sessions to attend while at CPHI, innovations and novel approaches for pediatric dosage forms and taste-masking, and fundamental aspects of API manufacturing and distribution from a panel of experts who have contributed to this year’s CPHI Annual Report, David Tisi from Synopsys, and an SME from C2 Pharma in this episode of the PharmTech Drug Digest Video Series.

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Event Overview:

In this exclusive Drug Digest video interview, Felicity Thomas, Europe/senior editor, Pharmaceutical Technology Group, interviews experts about small-molecule APIs, excipients, and formulation advances. During the video session, a panel of experts—Bikash Chatterjee, Tara Dougal —deliberate on the biggest trends impacting the industry, highlighting issues such as API supply and shortages, uptake in digital innovations, formulation advances to deal with potent compounds, and key sessions to visit while at CPHI. Additionally, David Tisi, director of Technical Operations, Synopsys, discusses novel approaches and solutions to pediatric formulations and taste-masking, while an expert from C2 Pharma highlights the fundamental stages of gaining a certificate of suitability for APIs and the various trends shaping API and complex compound manufacturing.
Interviews featuring:

  • Panel of experts from CPHI Annual Report
    • Bikash Chatterjee, president and chief science officer at PharmTech Associates
    • Tara Dougal, content director—Pharma, Informa Markets
  • David Tisi
  • Tara Fitzpatrick, head of Quality, C2 Pharma

This episode of Drug Digest is sponsored by:

  • Actylis
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Key Learning Objectives

  • Trends impacting small-molecule APIs, excipients, and formulation markets.
  • Innovations benefitting API and excipient developers and formulation scientists.
  • Novel approaches to pediatric formulations.
  • Taste-masking solutions.
  • Fundamental stages of gaining a certificate of suitability.
  • Key sessions to visit while at CPHI.

Who Should Attend

  • CDMOs
  • Formulation scientists
  • API developers and manufacturers
  • Excipient developers and manufacturers
  • Ingredients developers and manufacturers
  • Process development experts
  • Small-molecule development experts
  • CPHI attendees


David Tisi
Director of Technical Operations
Tara Fitzpatrick
Head of Quality
C2 Pharma

Register Free: https://www.pharmtech.com/pt_w/big-impact