AbbVie Announces Collaboration with Calico to Develop New R&D Facility

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AbbVie and Calico announce a novel collaboration to accelerate the discovery, development, and commercialization of new therapies.

AbbVie and Calico, the Google-backed life sciences company, announced on Sept. 3, 2014 a novel R&D collaboration intended to help the two companies discover, develop, and bring to market new therapies for patients with age-related diseases, including for neurodegeneration and cancer.

Under the agreement, the companies will combine their complementary strengths to accelerate the availability of new therapies for age-related diseases. Calico will use its scientific expertise to establish a world-class R&D facility, with a focus on drug discovery and early drug development based in the San Francisco Bay Area. AbbVie will provide scientific and clinical development support and its commercial expertise to bring new discoveries to market.


Source: AbbVie