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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-07-02-2004, Volume 28, Issue 7

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For more than 35 years, AccuRate® has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of volumetric and continuous gravimetric feeding systems, multi-ingredient batching systems, weighfeeders, flow meters, bulk bag discharging systems, and vibratory feeders to a wide variety of markets throughout the world.

Technical services

As a supplier to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, we know that processes in those markets involve a wide range of materials, material characteristics, and feed rates. In addition, active ingredients, excipients, coatings, and lubricants vary widely in bulk density, particle size, and flowability. We offer products based around several metering technologies, which includes auger metering, vibratory metering, and belt metering. That versatility lets us focus on what's best for you and the application.


More than 90% of all products and systems (including controls) supplied by AccuRate® are manufactured at its facility in Whitewater, Wisconsin, or by its German parent, SCHENCK Process.

As part of its production facility, AccuRate® offers a full-service test laboratory staffed by experienced material handling specialists. Here, customers have the opportunity to witness a live material test involving their material and the equipment under consideration. The testing process confirms the proper equipment configuration and selection.


Major products/markets served

Tablet coating: AccuRate® screw feeders are used routinely to meter the powdered materials for coating tablets and capsules. AccuRate® DEA weighfeeders also are available for metering the tablets during the coating process.

Size reduction: Volumetric and gravimetric AccuRate® feeders routinely meter materials into the jet mills used to do fine grinding. By accurately and consistently charging the jet mill, the milling process and particle-size uniformity are optimized.

Inter- and intra-plant ingredient packaging:

  • package individual materials and material blends in bags, boxes, or drums for movement within or between plants or parts of the manufacturing process

  • improve batch accuracies

  • track and verify material movement by weight

  • eliminate exposure risks.

Using AccuRate®'s SolidsFlow® louvered vibratory feeders, you can package tablets or capsules in bulk without breakage.

PAT-ready single and multi-ingredient metering

AccuRate® feeders are perfect for recipe-based continuous feeding as well as batch feeding applications. Automated sequential or simultaneous multi-ingredient batching eliminates manual weighing, minimizes material handling, allows for total dust control, and provides the weight and time data needed to verify the proper material amounts were supplied. The DG-2000™ Group Manager with DeviceNet, Profibus, Modbus, or Ethernet fieldbus communications makes continuous gravimetric feeding, batch gravimetric feeding including ratio control, recipe management, and color graphic process monitoring, simple and straightforward. Whether you are batching or part of the PAT movement towards continuous blending, we are equipped to help. After all, we have been doing for food and plastics companies for more than 30 years.

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746 E Milwaukee St.

Whitewater, WI 53190

Telephone: 888.232.4828

Fax: 262.473.4384


Number of employees: 120

Date founded: 1965