Albumin Attachment Can Make Better Biobetters

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-05-15-2018, Volume 2018 eBook, Issue 1
Pages: 8–12

Naturally occurring and engineered albumins are being explored as a tool to enhance the stability of drugs, including biologics, and extend shelf-life.

Albumin, the most prevalent protein found in blood plasma, is an emerging drug-delivery tool that has been found to be versatile and effective. Albumins can be used in drug formulation because they have been shown to stabilize and extend the shelf-life of the end product. Furthermore, albumins, both naturally occurring and engineered, can be used to extend the half-life of a drug.

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Pharmaceutical Technology
eBook: Biologics and Sterile Drug Manufacturing  
Vol. 42
May 2018
Pages: 8–12


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