ANGUS to Expand U.S. Manufacturing Capacity for Tromethamine Buffers

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ANGUS’ planned expansion will double its tromethamine buffer production capacity.

ANGUS Chemical Company, a manufacturer of unique nitroalkane chemistries, announced plans to expand United States production capacity for its portfolio of Tris Amino (tromethamine) buffers on Oct. 14, 2021. The planned expansion features the addition of a fourth dedicated manufacturing line at ANGUS' existing Sterlington, La., facility, which will approximately double the company’s production capacity.

Tromethamine buffers are used in various manufacturing capacities, such as bioprocessing and diagnostics manufacturing or the synthesis of surface-active agents and pharmaceuticals, among others. This expansion is the latest in a series of moves made by ANGUS to increase tromethamine buffer production capacity; from 2016 to 2021, the company doubled its tromethamine buffer production capacity.

“This is a significant investment that highlights our commitment to continuously expanding our asset base and global manufacturing capabilities to support fast-growing demand for [tromethamine] buffers across life sciences, personal care and industrial markets,” said David Neuberger, ANGUS president and CEO, in a company press release. “It not only supports the pursuit of our vision to position ANGUS as a leading global supplier of essential life sciences ingredients, but also further enhances the supply chain continuity and security of supply we provide to our customers for this essential chemistry.”


Currently, the company has facilities in Chicago, Ill; Paris, France; São Paulo, Brazil; Singapore; Shanghai, China; and Mumbai, India. It is headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Source: ANGUS