Aptar Adds Nasal Pump Manufacturing Capacity

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PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management

PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management-07-05-2017, Volume 12, Issue 7

Aptar now manufactures its child-resistant pump, designed to meet US CPC requirements, at its facility in Congers, New York.

Aptar Pharma transferred equipment to manufacture its Child-Resistant and Senior-Friendly Classic Nasal Pump from its plant in southern Germany to its Congers, New York site, the company announced on June 12, 2017. The move, which took place in April 2017, brought manufacturing capacity closer to the US target market for the pump. The child-resistant technology was developed primarily for the US market when, in 2012, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a rule requiring child-resistant packaging for any over-the-counter or drug product containing the equivalent of 0.08 mg or more of imidazoline, a formulation widely used in nasal decongestant topical sprays.

The company had also expanded manufacturing capacity at the Congers site for injection molding of elastomeric components, such as stoppers for parenteral containers, in March 2017.


Source: Aptar Pharma