Aptar CSP Technologies Receives $19 Million Government Contract

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The $19 million contract will expand production capacity of Aptar’s Activ-Film technology, which is used in COVID-19 testing kits.

Aptar CSP Technologies announced on Oct. 19th, 2021, that it had received a $19 million government contract for its Activ-Film technology, which is used in COVID-19 testing kits. According to a company press release, APTAR will use this money—funded through the American Rescue Act—to expand domestic production capacity of the technology.

Activ-Film is designed to absorb a specific amount of moisture and other compounds at a customized rate. When integrated into diagnostic dipsticks and lateral flow cassettes, it can protect these materials from moisture or other environmental degradants that can impact test integrity and result accuracy.

“The continued need for testing to mitigate the spread of COVID‐19 along with pandemic‐driven supply chain challenges has led to increased demand for our active material science solutions in the diagnostics space,” said Badre Hammond, vice-president of Commercial Operations, Aptar CSP Technologies, in the press release. “Building on current capacity, this funding will enable current and future partners to expand access to reliable diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases.”


Aptar’s active material science platform technology is used in various electrochemical, lateral flow, and molecular diagnostic test kits. It has been used in oral solid dose drugs, transdermal drug delivery, medical devices, and probiotics. It can be engineered to absorb moisture, emit aromas, reduce pathogens, or scavenge odor, oxygen, or volatile organic compounds.

Source: Aptar CSP Technologies