Aqueous Acrylic Enteric Coating System

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Acryl-EZE II is an optimized aqueous acrylic enteric system from Colorcon.

Acryl-EZE II, an optimized aqueous acrylic enteric system from Colorcon, eliminates the need for plasticizer addition and can be applied at lower weight gains compared to existing Acryl-EZE systems.  The film coating system offers enteric performance over a range of pH media for acid-labile drug formulations and helps prevent drug-induced stomach irritation. The formulated system provides convenience and reduces potential errors of raw material handling and application during manufacturing, Colorcon reports.

The coating system, available in a range of pigmented formulations, is produced by Colorcon and combines the benefits of a fully formulated system with the features and performance of Evonik’s enteric polymer EUDRAGIT L 100-55.

Source: Colorcon