AskBio Plans to Improve Gene Therapeutics with Synpromics Acquisition

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AskBio’s acquisition of Synpromics will improve the efficacy of its adeno-associated virus gene therapy vectors.

AskBio, a clinical stage and gene therapy platform company, announced that it has acquired Synpromics, a gene control, bioinformatics, and data-driven design company, to increase the efficacy of gene therapeutics. Synpromics will be headquartered in Edinburgh, United Kingdom as a wholly-owned subsidiary. 

According to an Aug. 13, 2019 press release, the companies plan to use AskBio’s adeno-associated virus (AAV) technology, capsid library, proprietary manufacturing systems, and multi-dimensional gene therapy platform in combination with Synpromics’ promoter and bioinformatics technology to target complex diseases and improve the efficacy of AAV gene therapy vectors. The companies will operate separately but will integrate AskBio’s AAV platform ecosystem and current therapeutics portfolio with Synpromics’ technology, making AskBio an end-to-end AAV gene therapy platform.

“By combining AskBio’s AAV delivery platform with Synpromics’ gene regulation platform, we have created an unrivalled offering in gene medicine. In particular, integrating our inducible promoter systems into the AskBio platform will enable precision control in the next generation of therapies,” said Michael Roberts, the founder and chief scientific officer of Synpromics, in the press release. “This will also improve the AAV manufacturing process, further enabling the generation of stable producer cell lines. Our shared vision is that the synergies of our two platforms will evolve hand-in-hand to create solutions that can address more complex pathway diseases in the years to come.”


Source: AskBio