Automated Bulk Material Handling System Moves Non-Free Flowing Material

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National Bulk Equipment’s material handling system for non-free flowing materials can be specified to meet cGMP cleanability standards.

Multiple mechanical conveying methods are integrated into an automated bulk material handling system from National Bulk Equipment (NBE) to move non-free-flowing material from infeed to discharge, from material conditioning to supply metering, and from metering to downstream processing. At infeed, a conveyor moves a container (i.e., gaylord, drum, or smaller container) into position for automatic alignment with the dumper lift carriage. Fine powders and other dry solids may be densified (i.e., not free flowing or sluggish) upon arrival at a facility. Mechanical conveying systems ensure properly conditioned material is efficiently moved through the process regardless of challenging material characteristics and varying material flow requirements. Process-wide operations, including controls, sensors, monitoring, and reporting are integrated. Equipment can be specified to meet cGMP cleanability standards and product and personnel protection guidelines. Depending on the application, the system could include sealed hoods, dust collection, stainless-steel fabrication and other process-specific considerations for compliance with material handling guidelines.

Rigorous NBE risk assessment procedures work to prevent hazards to those who operate and maintain the equipment, while identifying improvements in physical ergonomics and equipment access points. NBE expertise in application-appropriate codes, standards, and regulations ensure system compliance at start-up.

Source: NBE