Automatic Vial Format Change System

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, August 2022, Volume 46, Issue 8

Telstar’s Smart Format system automatically transports vials of different formats.

Telstar’s Smart Format system is designed for the transportation of vials using a mobile platform that is configured to fit a wide range of vial sizes in the freeze-drying loading and unloading process. It presents an alternative to manually changing multiple vial formats, instead automatically adapting to vial diameter without disrupting the isolation process.

The system is made up of different modules that interact and connect various blocks of transition, straight sections, and corners that can be combined in any way to form a complete loading and unloading line. It does this via a mechanism that transforms rotary movement into a linear motion while actuators and the guiding system are mounted below the conveyor structure.

The Smart Format is designed to be easy to clean and sterilize. It has a setting range between 2R and 100R.