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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, May 2022, Volume 46, Issue 5
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Spring has returned, and with it comes INTERPHEX.

Spring is a time for renewal of energies, setting fresh goals and making new friends. As we have done for many years, Pharmaceutical Technology is proud to organize the keynote sessions at the upcoming INTERPHEX exhibition in New York, which is being held May 24–26th. These presentations are a snapshot of where the focus of energies and resources have been placed in the year leading up to the event, and for the following year or two, thereafter. Session and panel discussion this time include topics of continuous and modular manufacturing advances, emerging therapy constriction points, fresh challenges emanating from emerging therapies, and an overall big picture last afternoon session and panel discussion. Each incarnation is an opportunity to highlight industry trends, obstacles, and cooperative programs. Represented this year are diverse companies, universities, and organizations such as the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL), Rutgers University, CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Entegris, Tessera Therapeutics, MilliporeSigma, the New York Genome Center, the University of Pennsylvania, and a brand-new entity, named AexeRNA.

There are one or two familiar faces but generally these are new voices and perspectives giving intriguingly titled talks such as “New therapeutic Modalities and Moores Law in Biomanufacturing”, “Programming the Immune System to Supercharge Cancer Cell Therapies”, and “Considerations for a Unified Pandemic National Response”. It is this kind of gathering that forces one to confront how our industry traverses a broad sweep of technologies, skill sets, and therapeutic applications. The frenetic pace of the past couple of pandemic years has paradoxically invested fresh impetus and outreach, instead of wearing us down and leaving us effete. Lessons learned in the face of adversity can now be applied to mitigating some of the harm from whatever future emergencies we will face. I expect some of the solutions we will rely on going forward will be presented at the INTERPHEX keynote sessions. Only by listening to others, and by joining forces, can we optimize our individual talents. In spring, we renew our pledge to make a difference, and grow together as an industry.

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Mike Hennessy Jr. is the President and CEO of MJH Life Sciences.

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Pharmaceutical Technology
Vol. 46, No. 5
May 2022
Page: 8


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