Barrier Integrated Vial Fill/Finish System

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, September 2022, Volume 46, Issue 9
Pages: 12

Cellefill is a vial fill/finish system that designed to promote flexibility via an integrated barrier solutions.

Cellefill, from Flexicon Liquid Filling, part of Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions, is a turnkey, vial fill/finish system that is designed to promote flexibility via an integrated barrier solution. It comes in three models with different barrier technologies that are designed to suit various filing requirements and class cleanrooms, each of which features peristaltic pump performance, an integrated barrier, and environmental monitoring.

The technology uses Flexicon’s FPC60 aseptic vial filling machine and barrier technologies from Franz Ziel GmbH to enable end-to-end aseptic manufacturing of advanced therapy medicinal products. It also has aseptic single-use systems, pre-sterilized ready-to-use product containers, and a no-touch transfer debagging system.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions