Benchtop Syringe Filler for Drug Compounding

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The semi-automated TipFil Syringe Filler from TurboFil Packaging Machines provides accurate and consistent fills.

TurboFil Packaging Machines has introduced a benchtop syringe filling machine that provides a step up from manual operations for pharmacy settings or drug compounding. The machine provides control of filling parameters and accurate, consistent fills at a rate of up to 12 pieces per minute. Benefits include operator safety, easy changeover, and flexible parameters to accommodate a wide variety of syringe sizes and product types.

The machine uses a piston mechanism driven by a servo motor that draws the needle back via the plunger. The distance the plunger is pulled back dictates the amount of drug filled, which eliminates the need for a metering device. A human-machine interface (HMI) is used to adjust fill volumes and program a priming function that facilitates air bubble removal. Once a filling cycle is complete, the syringes retract to their starting position so the operator can remove and replace them with new ones.


The unit can perform through-the-tip filling for liquids or viscous products in a variety of typical infeed scenarios, including hoppers and reservoirs, and an optional attachment allows bottles and vials to be filled. All product contact parts are fully disposable, single-use plastic. The unit can fit under a laminar flow hood, making it suitable for aseptic filling.

Source: TurboFil