Biological Safety Cabinets Contain Hazardous Drug Powders

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Enclosures contain powders and particulates during hazardous drug manipulation.


Labconco's RXPert Filtered Balance Systems are Class I enclosures meeting requirements for non-sterile compounding. The cabinet keeps powders and particulates contained during hazardous drug manipulation. These bag-in/bag-out, HEPA-filtered powder hoods include a canopy and damper for thimble ducting the enclosure to the outside.        

All RXPert models have a deep interior of 23.4" and an ergonomic air-foil with Clean-Sweep airflow openings that allow air to sweep the work surface to maximize containment. An upper dilution air supply sweeps clean air to the back of the sash to keep contaminants away from the operator. An upper containment sash foil directs contaminants away from the user's breathing zone and the zone-perforated rear baffle promotes horizontal laminar airflow. Side entry air-foils allow air to sweep the interior surfaces. Cabinets are offered in widths of 2, 3, and 4 ft. 

Source: Labconco