Biovest Introduces Service to Guarantee mAb Supply

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Biovest’s mAbVault provides supply-chain redundancy for antibodies that enables customers to lock in price-per-gram protein production.

Cell-culture company Biovest International introduced mAbVault, a service that enables customers to lock in price-per-gram protein production, with guaranteed supply and quality throughout all stages of regulatory approval, the company announced on Oct. 22, 2015. mAbVault is currently the only antibody production coalition of protein owners, CROs, and CMOs committed to enabling successful scale-up of biologics, according to the company.

All mAbVault providers have expertise in hollow-fiber bioreactor technology, which enables flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. The infrastructure guarantees supply-chain security and redundancy, with access to controlled protein repositories for customers that do not have the capacity or budget to hold inventory on-site.

“mABVault provides customers one point of access for vetted, GMP-compliant contract support of cell line production and protein development needs, with clear expectations of quality, availability, and price that do not change,” said Christiaan Engstrom, president of Biovest, in a press release. “This offer is about making scalable innovation accessible and efficient for drug manufacturers so that they can focus on working to improve global health.”


Source: Biovest