BMG Pharma, HTL Partner on Development of Injectable Products with SHLF

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BMG Pharma has signed an agreement with HTL for the development and commercialization of injectable products with sodium hyaluronate lipoate formate.

BMG Pharma, a biotech and B2B company, has signed an agreement with HTL, a biotech company focused on the development and production of pharmaceutical-grade polymers, for the development and commercialization of injectable products with sodium hyaluronate lipoate formate (SHLF).

According to a Sep. 15, 2021 press release, the partnership will see HTL develop, scale-up, and supply a high-grade functional injectable hyaluronic acid-based active ingredient, SHLF, on an exclusive basis, to be used as a major part of BMG Pharma’s products. As a result of the partnership, BMG Pharma will be able to develop, register, and launch its injectable SHLF product platform on a global scale.

“SHLF has been developed in our R&D labs and allows us to further leverage the therapeutical potential of hyaluronan for several medical applications. We are very excited and proud of the long-term partnership with HTL, which is a recognized international leader in R&D and manufacturing for medical grade biopolymers,” said Marco Mastrodonato, CEO and co-founder of BMG Pharma, in the press release. “The agreement with HTL will let us enforce our commitment in this area and develop products that can bring advantages not only in aesthetic medicine but also to patients with degenerative joint or ophthalmological diseases.”


“Developing and producing innovative, pharmaceutical-grade biopolymers for international leaders aiming at improving the lives of their patients, represent the very core of our activity,” added Charles Ruban, HTL’s deputy CEO, in the press release. “This is why we are particularly delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with BMG Pharma and mobilize our unique expertise and know-how to produce the unique functionalized biopolymers of uncompromised quality its patients deserve.”

Source: BMG Pharma