Bosch Highlights Flexible and Energy-Efficient Process Technology Solutions at ACHEMA

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Bosch’s market launches at the show include a new bioreactor for laboratory-scale API development, a water-for-injection unit, and a new generation of pure steam generators with high yields.

Bosch Packaging Technology has brought to ACHEMA 2015 three new process technology solutions for the production of liquid pharmaceuticals. Visitors can see a new bioreactor for the cultivation of APIs on laboratory and pilot scale. Bosch further showcases an energy-efficient and compact distillation unit for the production of water for injection (WFI). It combines two different processes in one platform for the first time and enables the direct production of WFI from drinking water. Bosch also introduces the new generation of pure steam generators.

Bioreactor for small batches

Bosch now offers a complete machinery range covering different scales from laboratory and clinical-trial production to commercial manufacturing. The fully automated bioreactor is designed for batch sizes between 15 and 50 liters and comes with the complete periphery required for bioprocesses. This new addition complements Bosch’s existing portfolio of fermentation devices, which to date are available for production volumes of 500 to 5000 liters.

Bosch also offers complete solutions for subsequent downstream processes, including the final formulation of the injection solution. The complete solutions can also be easily combined with further filling and packaging machines for liquid pharmaceuticals from Bosch.

High-purity media for bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing operations

Bosch is showcasing a new WFI unit, which uses a patented vacuum membrane distillation technology. This highly efficient thermal process combines both distillation and membrane filtration in one modular concept, thereby fulfilling requirements of the European, US, and other international pharmacopeia for the production of WFI.


Membrane distillation enables the unit to produce WFI from potable water without intermediate steps. Compared with conventional distillation units, the relatively low temperatures of 50 to 80 degrees Celsius achieve high energy savings while ensuring effective protection against germs and contamination.

In a first step, ordinary potable water is evaporated, before it is pressed through a plastic membrane for filtration and then condensed. The membrane system withholds suspended solids, dissolved organic material and bacteria. Online measurements of total organic carbon, pressure, temperature, and conductivity monitor the process continuously. To ensure pharmaceutical water quality regarding microbiological purity, the unit can be additionally sanitized at 85 degrees Celsius.

Pure steam generators with high yields

The new generation of energy-efficient pure steam generators and distillation units from Bosch feature optimized thermal utilization of heating energy that enable high-yield production of WFI and pure steam with reduced operating costs. The series is said to encompass a performance range of 100 to 7500 kilograms per hour.

Source: Bosch, Hall 3.1, Stand C71.