Brand India Pharma Gets Ready for CPhI

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The campaign supports pharmaceutical growth in India and serves to highlight the value proposition that Indian pharmaceuticals present.

With India’s pharmaceutical industry growing at a steady pace, Brand India Pharma will have senior officials from the Department of Commerce as well as representatives from India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) leading its campaign at CPhI Worldwide this year in Paris.

This campaign will be represented by Mr Rajeev Kher, commerce secretary from the Indian government, alongside senior officials of the Department of Commerce, the Drugs Controller General of India Dr G.N. Singh, state drugs controllers, representatives from Pharmexcil, IBEF, and a large contingent of Indian business leaders from the industry. More than 200 Indian pharmaceutical companies are expected to be present at this year’s show as part of the Brand India Pharma initiative. 

The pharmaceutical industry is India is one of the country’s success stories globally and holds a top ranking in global exports of generic drugs in terms of volume. As the top six producers of pharmaceuticals in the world, India has 10,500 manufacturing units with more than 3000 pharmaceutical companies.

Mr Sudhanshu Pandey, joint secretary, Department of Commerce, Government of India, commented in a press statement that the Indian pharmaceutical industry has been able to penetrate highly regulated markets such as the US and Europe because of its focus on quality and innovation. “The Brand India Pharma initiative is desiged to support and help our homegrown industry play a laregfer part on the world stage,” Pandey added.

According Dr P V Appaji, Pharmexcil’s director general, the country’s pharmaceutical exports stood at Rs 90,000 crore (US$ 15 billion) in 2013–14 and it is expected that exports from India would reach the the Rs 1 lakh crore (US$ 16.4 billion) in the current financial year.


The Brand India Pharma campaign was launched at CPhI Japan in March 2012 and has since played a crucial role in highlighting the value proposition of India pharmaceutical products in the global market. India was the Focus Country at CPhI Worldwide in 2012 and the Value Partner at Frankfurt in 2013.

Using a strategic mix of branding elements such as on-ground branding, media outreach, participation in business seminars, and industry interactions, Brand India Pharma seeks to showcase the strengths of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. This year’s campaign will focus the growth drivers within the industry (government support and regulatory framework, cost efficiencies and technical capabilities) and will play its part in reinforcing the credibility of the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

About IBEF
India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) is a trust established by the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. IBEF's primary objective is to promote and create international awareness of the Made in India label in markets overseas and to facilitate dissemination of knowledge of Indian products and services. Towards this objective, IBEF works closely with stakeholders across government and industry.

Source: Brand India Pharma