Capsugel Expands User Program for Enteric Capsule Technology

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Capsugel gives lead users access to intrinsically enteric capsule technology and support services.

Capsugel has announced an expansion of its lead-user customer-collaboration program for its intrinsically enteric capsule technology, which integrates enteric polymers in the capsule design, providing a fully enteric dosage form without the need to apply functional coatings, the company reports.

The programs include feasibility studies with selected customers that target oral vaccine and peptide delivery, as well as early-stage development programs for small chemical entities that could benefit from an intrinsically enteric dosage form. Under the feasibility program, lead users are granted access to the technology and associated intellectual property, as well as scientific, product development and regulatory support services.

The advantages of intrinsically enteric capsule technology include minimal excipients needed for formulation, improvement of upper gastrointestinal safety, and differentiated pharmacokinetic performance, according to Capsugel statements.


Source: Capsugel