Capsule Filler for Medium-Sized Batches Controls Individual Process Steps

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Fette Compacting’s FEC20 capsule filler for medium-sized batches is a smaller version of its FEC40 machine.

Fette Compacting’s second capsule filling machine, the FEC20, is a smaller version of the FEC40 and is designed for medium-sized batches of up to 200,000 capsules per hour. In the single rotary press, single-discharge capsule filler, each individual capsule filling process step can be controlled and monitored separately. “Prior to the FEC series, the assemblies in capsule filling machines were controlled by mechanical coupling. By using servo and torque motors, Fette has decoupled individual process steps and can define the optimal parameters for each process step to improve quality and output per time unit.

The patented tamping-pin station assembly system enables users to change dosing methods, products, and batches quickly. By using additional stations, the assemblies can be dismantled and cleaned outside the machine to reduce conversion and cleaning times. Up to three pellet stations can be installed in the machine.

A touchscreen user interface offers an overview of all process and quality parameters and is based on the same logic used in the company’s tablet presses. The database contains all formulations and user process parameters, while the system automatically and immediately examines each entry for consistency.

The system also continuously measures the filling levels of all capsule and product containers during production, as well as visualizing the corresponding information for the user. All batches are monitored, logged, and saved in full. Extensive rights management enables users to assign certain functions to various users. Upon conclusion of the production process, each individual production step can be evaluated via an event log.

Source: Fette Compacting