Carlina Technologies Partners with Atlangram to Develop Controlled-Release Antibiotics for Osteoarticular Diseases

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Atlangram will have access to Carlina’s lipid nanocapsule technology platform Soludots under the terms of the agreement.

Biotech company Carlina Technologies announced that it has partnered with Atlangram to develop innovative formulations of antibiotics for the targeting of osteoarticular infectious diseases. Under the terms of the agreement, Atlangram has the option to out-license Carlina’s lipid nanocapsule technology platform Soludots. 

CARLINA’s Soludots enables the loading of antibiotic molecules into a single nanocapsule. The formulation has been proven safe. Preliminary studies demonstrated efficacy of the antibiotic when delivered to the osteoarticular infected site using Soludots. An improvement in treatment outcome was observed with this novel formulation compared to administration of the free antibiotic. According to the press release, the nanocapsule encapsulation decreases the risk of tissue irritation from the antibiotic and improves the pharmacology of antibiotics. 


Soludots offers the possibility of combining multiple antibiotics and delivering them simultaneously to the same region. The technology is said to improve the pharmacological properties of the drugs such as increasing the efficacy, improving pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics profiles and minimizing side effects. Soludots can be harnessed as a reformulation tool for existing antibiotics. The nanotechnology can also be used to develop new antibacterial agents that have poor water solubility and are therefore difficult to administer.