Cartridge Filters for Space-Restricted Applications

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-01-02-2018, Volume 42, Issue 1
Pages: 12

SupaPore Junior cartridge filters from Amazon Filters are suited for low flow up to 2m3/Hr of fluids and 100Nm3/Hr of gas processes, and are available in 2.5- and 5-in. sizes.

Amazon Filters has developed 2.5- and 5-in. SupaPore Junior cartridge filters for processes requiring a compact filter system. These filter sizes are suited for low flow, up to 2m3/Hr of fluids and 100Nm3/Hr of gas processes, including a range of pharmaceutical applications where space is limited.

The products come in a range of different pleated depth media, including pre-filters and sterilizing grade membranes. Additionally, the filters are available with a range of different end fittings to enable use with existing equipment.

The cartridge filter range is fully compatible with the company’s industrial housings (51A Series) and sanitary housing options (70 Series). All housings are Pressure Equipment Directive-compliant and can be used in temperatures from -10 to 150 °C. Company housings are CE-marked for European conformity and are available in both 316L stainless steel and alloy 22. 

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